Company Profile


Vantage Technology Corporation was founded in 2010 by a cadre of Silicon Valley veterans with extensive semiconductor test experience. Focused on developing real-time micro-analytical metrology tools using advanced laser technology, proprietary algorithms and multicore image processing techniques, the company targeted its first product at analyzing undiluted slurry continuously and in real-time as it is delivered to the chemical-mechanical-planarization stage in processing semiconductor wafers. The company’s metrology technology also holds promise of being applied to other particulate solutions such as those found in silicon ink, non-reflective coatings, various petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and the food/beverage industry.


 Executive Bios

  Paul Magliocco, Chief Executive Officer

  • Over 30 years in semiconductor test equipment
  • President, Nextest Systems;  Executive VP, Advantest America;
  • VP Engineering, Megatest

  Marty Mason, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

  • Over 30 years in semiconductor equipment manufacturing companies
  • HP, Applied Materials, Watkins Johnson, Megatest, Nextest, CuTek, GES
  • Global Sales VP at three successful semiconductor equipment start-ups

  Phil Burlison, Vice President, Engineering

  •  Over 45 years in semiconductor equipment manufacturing
  •  Inovys (founder), LTX, Megatest, Xincom, Macrodata

   Dr. Mike Klein, Chief Technology Officer

  •  Over 20 years of high-performance VLSI design, mixed signal, and tools
  •  Sun Microsystems, Chromatic Research, Velio, Pixim, MegaTest