As a developer of real-time metrology tools used to improve manufacturing quality and productivity, Vantage Technology orchestrates laser particle-sensing techniques, powerful algorithms and multicore image processing to continuously analyze moving particulates suspended in solution.


The proprietary and patented methods used have proved highly effective in the company's line of SlurryScope™ products. Used primarily at the chemical-mechanical-planarization (CMP) stage in semiconductor manufacturing, these tools analyze production-strength polishing slurry with real-time measurements. The SlurryScope Systems instantly detect and profile particles in the 1.0-10 micron ranges that can cause damaging micro-scratches to wafers. High resolution SlurryScope sensors are also available that operate in the 0.8-4.0 micron size range, targeted for low-count copper and tungsten polishing slurries.


Vantage is currently expanding its patented technologies to other manufacturing environments that also benefit from the real-time detection and analysis of particulates suspended in solution.